Are You Sustainable?

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Why Invest in a Sustainable Landscape?

Why Invest in a Sustainable Landscape?

Whether you are creating curb side appeal to attract buyers to your front door when selling your home or enjoying a beautifully designed sustainable landscape for years to come consider that your investment can add up to 28% of the overall value of your property. If you are re landscaping the entire property (Front, side and back yard), A good rule of thumb is to budget between 5 to 10% of the property's current value. This should include preparation, plant material installation, irrigation and landscape lighting.

Establishing a budget

Establishing a budget is critical to the design process before it can begin. the designer needs to build the new landscape within the perimeters of the clients budget.Some clients are unaware of costs associated in new landscape installations.

We Service:

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Davie, FL
  • Cooper City, FL
  • Plantation, FL
  • Hollywood, FL

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Let us design a beautiful new landscape for your enjoyment for years to come.

We install and maintain sustainable irrigation systems

Efficient lighting to increase the beauty and sustainability of your space.

Flower Beds and Gardens

We install colorful flower beds, using creative designs. We can design beautiful gardens including rock beds.

Lawn Health Maintenance

We will help maintain a lush lawn for you. We ensure the correct seed for your climate, regular fertilization, and seeding.